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I felt I could not go on living, I was so shamed by what I had become so quickly. My chief intervened and I was sent to Robert Stewart. I am still sober and I have a much better life. I even escaped an Accusation by the Medical Board.

San Diego Doctor

My co-dependency put me right back in the life I fled when I got sober. I nearly went to prison and I served nine months in jail. Robert Stewart saved my real estate license and helped me to keep my family together.

San Francisco Mortgage Broker

I spent $17,000 on attorneys for three criminal convictions and had two board actions as well and no one ever asked me about my sexual issues before. Robert Stewart guided me to changes in myself and helped the system to understand me. I was hopeless and now I am getting my license back.

Santa Rosa Hygienist

My dental license was revoked from drugs and alcohol. When I was dry, but had no recovery, my actions were even worse. Robert Stewart helped me understand myself and make changes. He helped me before the Dental Board. Against all odds, Robert Stewart got my license back and now I have a very good income too.

Oakland Dentist

The state shut down my daycare business on a sexual allegation. Robert Stewart proved that the prosecution’s witness had the sexual problem and not my son. He got help for her and I was able to reopen my business and continue my life.

Redlands Daycare Center Owner

I was a cocaine addict, arrogant, critical of others and insecure for many years. When my friends sent me to Robert Stewart, my hospital was prepared to terminate me. Robert Stewart showed me how to change and how to find gratitude in a fearful situation. I kept my job.

Orange County Doctor

I was arrested in my dental office by 28 policemen, from every level of government. By that time I was addicted to Vicodin and Percocet. Robert Stewart persuaded me to try this new approach to a legal defense against my major federal drug prosecution. The results were amazing, including my sobriety. We then used the same approach with the California Dental Board and the DEA. I kept my licenses and found a new level of peace. I recommend Robert Stewart whenever someone needs help.

Palm Springs Dentist

One night when I was drunk, I was caught by the police stealing the hub caps off Robert Stewart’s car. I was headed for a conviction which would have caused me to lose my architecture license. My lawyer did not know I was an alcoholic and did not ask. Robert Stewart recognized the symptoms of my disease right away. He intervened in my court case, persuaded the judge to grant me diversion on the specific condition that I address my alcoholism. He saved my license and with his help, I saved my own life.

Berkeley Architect


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