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Question: Why don’t you simply defend me in a Board Accusation the same way you would in a criminal case, i.e. force them to prove every point, go over the prosecution case with a fine toothed comb? Then I can walk away free.

Answer: I do that. I have done top level criminal defense work for over 30 years. But Board Accusations have a much lower standard of proof (preponderance of the evidence) and a much looser set of standards for evidence against you to come in. The other problem with this old fashioned approach is that it ignores your needs as a person. Why is a thoughtful, moral, well educated person like you now facing an Accusation?

Question: Can I have you help me change the patterns in my life that have produced the trouble I am in at the same time as you conduct good standard defense work?

Answer: Absolutely, that is what I do.

Question: If I am abusing Vicodin, using false prescriptions to get them or splitting prescriptions with my patients, or buying drugs in bulk for which there are no proper distribution records, how does my dealing with my substance abuse issues help my case?

Answer: Whether your case is criminal, or Board action, or DEA, or hospital privileges, or Health & Human Services - whatever it is, if you are willing to acknowledge what happened to you and to change your behavior, to modify your desire for substances, I have found, beyond question, that everyone within the system will bend over backwards to help you. This requires that you do the genuine work. I will help you understand what that is, personally work with you and make referrals if necessary. I have a nationwide base of trained people to help you so your recovery will be real and the prosecutors and the judges will respond to you in a completely different way than if your position is, “I am fine and I did nothing wrong.”

Question: Can your approach change the way I am listed in the National Practitioner’s databank or other places which carry a record of the problems I have had?

Answer: Your willingness to do what needs to be done gets communicated throughout your process, mostly by me. But also by our behavior in the court system. The result is that actions and refinements and changes in the listing which make you look better which we could not compel without a very expensive and time consuming lawsuit, have been given because of the work done.

Overall Comment: This approach that I have designed is the most exciting practice to come along to help professionals. It gives you the best possible disposition of your case, it improves your personal and professional life from this time forward. A very high percentage of my clients are still clean and sober and living a happy and productive life after many years. AND IT WORKS ANYWHERE, IN ANY STATE, IN ANY FEDERAL COURT.


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